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Hi! My name's fishg, you'll typically find me on the Suggestions Forum, though sometimes I wander off somewhere else. I post new suggestions every now and then, and pride myself on their detail. Or at least I used too, now I'm messing with the idea of quick image posts without much detail or supporting reasoning. I intend on using both of these styles, depending on the topic.

If anyone has an idea for a suggestion but doesn't think they can present it well or needs input, feel free to PM me and I can give you advice. I see a lot of ideas with great potential on these forums get washed down by a minimal presentation. Put in the extra mile and the work will show!

I'm pushing a new idea of mine, Collaborative Suggestions. These are threads where we all work together to create a huge suggestion (ex: a fourth dimension). Also please check out all my suggestions, which you can find in my banner or the threads section of my account. There's not one I feel ashamed of, and have all been critically acclaimed.

Oh, and I'm a fish. I think.

"If we can't have a Suggestions Guide, pin this to the front as THE example suggestion" - InterludeDude on Bedrock Armor.

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